5 Tips for Selling Your House

Posted by Jeremy on February 12, 2017
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Whether you’re looking to sell your house in order to afford your next one, or you’re just flipping estates as a hobby, there are some things you need to know to do it in the most professional way possible. Many people know the basics for selling their house; like pricing – It’s no doubt, very important to put a reasonable price on your house in order to make it more appealing to possible buyers. But, there are secrets that only the best in the business know. Follow these things as many other real estate experts have and get the most out your property. Here are five tricks of the trade that will help you sell your house in no time.

1. Advertise

Right off the bat, you need to post all good things about your property EVERYWHERE! compounds in New Cairo is the best place to get started so make sure you post it. If no one knows about it – No one will buy it. It’s simple logic. But don’t just let people know it’s there, let them know every good detail about it. Boast about the things you really enjoyed about it. Your testimony can be a powerful thing.

2. Good First Impressions

As in most everything else in life, it is important to make a great first impression when presenting your property to possible clients. Speak confidently and show pride in how you work the system. Present the house as you would yourself. Have good things to say and a good way to say it. When you’re selling a house the first impression is often the only impression you will give.

3. Exterior

Set the tone before the potential buyer even walks through the door. Cut the grass, trim the hedges, clip overhanging tree limbs, fix the rock path. What’s that?… You don’t have a rock path? That’s an easy fix; consider putting a cheap one in yourself. Maybe even collect the rocks yourself. A little bit of effort is never looked over in real estate. Which brings us to our next tip:

4. Effort Over Investment

Spending a small amount of money on a quick renovation isn’t a bad idea. But, avoid spending too much on less necessary things. Often times, you won’t make enough profit to cover the difference from overly expensive fixes. Instead, apply more effort to the project. Consider doing Do It Yourself projects and use things you already have instead of resorting to buying and hiring. It won’t kill you to haggle a little bit; in fact, it might save you a good bit of money in the long run.

5. Lighting

One extremely common interest of people looking to buy a house is the lighting. I’m not talking about sweet LEDs and groovy lava lamps; I mean natural lighting. Before you present a house to a client, open the curtains, let up the blinds, and get rid of any outside objects that would block sunlight from getting through the windows. You might even consider cleaning said windows…Just a thought.

Selling your estate can definitely be tricky and there can be multiple strenuous factors involved. At best, it’s overwhelming, but follow these five helpful tips to get the best from the real estate experience and to reap the greatest profit.

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